• The Metropolitan Condos at Lake Eola

    Address: 151 E. Washington St. Orlando, FL 32801
    Year Built: 1963
    Number of Floors: 6
    Number of Units: 128

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  • Metropolitan Condominium

    The Metropolitan at Lake Eola...

    is an interesting piece of real estate. Once a hotel, now converted to condominiums ("condo conversion") this older building lacks the top quality build that some of the other high rises have, but what it lakes in construction quality it makes up for with price and location.

    Situated directly opposite Lake Eola, the location doesn't get any better. Price wise, it's a great entry level opportunity and as a rental income property, again, there are not many better options. And yes, if you're an investor, we can manage your condo for you, find you a tenant, send the rent etc.

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