• Those of you who live in or have purchased, or are thinking of purchasing in the much maligned subdivision of MetroWest Orlando but are too afraid due to all the bad stories, will be pleased to hear that the MetroWest Master Association (MWMA) received an Honorable Mention for Orange County Community Organization’s Excellence in Safety & Security Initiatives, recognizing MWMA’s commitment to community crime prevention and proactive safety awareness through its many safety initiatives.

    The award ceremony was July 16, 2011, at Orange County Senior Center at Orange County’s 17th Annual Community Conference, championed by Mayor Teresa Jacobs.

    MWMA, as the Master Association for all of MetroWest, has enthusiastically accepted the goal of increasing safety in its community through its 2011 launch of “Stomp Out Crime,” a themed initiative bringing together existing safety programs (i.e., Neighborhood Watch for homeowners’ associations, Crime-free Multi-Housing for condominium-owner associations and apartment complexes and Business Watch for local businesses), diligently outreaching to inform everyone about these programs and increasing active participation.  MWMA will host its 4th annual National Night Out event on August 2, 2011, at MetroWest Golf Club as another opportunity to engage its 14,000 addresses of residents and businesses in these effective safety programs.

    Additionally, MWMA utilizes a partnership with Orlando Police Department (OPD) through consistent, proactive communication, hiring an additional police officer for extra daily community patrol and implementation of Innovative Response to Improve Safety (I.R.I.S.) cameras in MetroWest.  As well, MWMA employs a former OPD officer as its Crime Prevention Manager who serves as a liaison between OPD and MWMA to facilitate communications.

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