• Wanna hear something crazy?  I have some good real estate news to report.  Like, a good sum of good news.  Good vibes, bro.  I feel like a hippie after Woodstock: all engorged with positivity and in des­perate need of a burger and a bath.

    Second quarter bank earning are pegged to indicate an expansion of loans on their balance sheets.  A bunch of the nation’s biggest lenders are quietly modifying loans without request to create more man­ageable terms for borrowers they deem to be ‘at risk’.  National housing starts are up 9% month-over-month.  Orlando got named one of the top 10 cities to purchase investment properties in.  We’re also on track to show a gain in local real estate prices by the end of this year.

    Wanna watch a video that validates my optimism?  Yes you do. By the mortgage planning guru him­self Barry Habib.

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