• Starting in 2005 Kevin Azzouz initiated a renewal in Metrowest, one of Orlando’s largest suburban developments.  His most controversial program was the use of homeowner dues to stop rampant crime by hiring Orlando PD off-duty officers.  The results of his controversial ZERO CRIME initiative were immediately realized and can be seen here.

    Not unexpectedly, a group of anti-tax/anti-spend homeowners claimed that millions of dollars of dues were misused. The fight turned nasty as the two leaders of the litigation, David Rosenburg and Mary Biddle repeatedly broadened their claims, ultimately claiming that Azzouz had stolen money for personal use.

    After more than 3 years of audits, outside reviews, litigation and appeals, both Rosenburg and Biddle were ordered to pay more than $250,000 in legal fees and Azzouz has claimed victory with all litigation being dismissed by the court.

    “These people fight dirty; Rosenburg and Biddle used every nasty trick in the book but in the end, facts and the rule of law prevailed,” said Azzouz.

    Azzouz, who is primarily a technology and software venture capitalist has been a real estate developer for more than 25 years and says “We’re looking forward to the market recovery and we expect to be very active with three new California projects starting this year.”  Although Azzouz and his partners lost the Veranda Park project when their bank went bankrupt (Wachovia), they expect to find opportunities in central Florida again in the coming year.

    “Orlando and central Florida aren’t likely to see the full benefit of the recovery until 2014 but we’ll be there when it happens.”  Said Azzouz.

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