• For those that like the hard numbers and still think we’re far from bottom, consider the following indicators:

    The sales of Orlando condos increased by 239.47% in November when compared to November 2009, and decreased by 10.21% compared to last month (normal for the holiday period). A total of 387 condos sold in November of this year compared to 114 in November 2008. To date 3,906 condos have sold this year, a 200.69% increase over last year’s 1,299.

    The most condos in a single price category that sold were yet again around the $50,000 price range – 95% cash deals; condos selling for less than $50,000 make up 48.87 percent of all condo sales this year. Only six condos sold for more than $250,000 in November.

    Orlando homebuyers purchased 224 duplexes, town homes, and villas in November 2009, which is a 135.79% increase from November 2008 when 95 of these housing types were purchased; year-to-date sales for these home types are up 64.13%. The majority of duplexes, town homes, and villas sold in November 2009 fell into the $100,000 – $120,000 category. Sixteen duplexes, town homes, and villas sold for less than $50,000 in November, which brings the total number of those sold for less than $50,000 this year to 173.

    MLS data show a rapid decrease in Orlando condo inventory and a continued seller’s market with multiple cash offers on most condos under $60K.

    The Orlando Market In General: Pending home sales have risen for nine months in a row, a first for the series of the index since its inception in 2001. The Pending Home Sales Index increased 3.7% to 114.1 from 110.0 in September, and is 31.8% above October 2008. The rise from a year ago is the biggest annual increase ever recorded for the index, which is at the highest level since March 2006 when it was 115.2.

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