• The Palms Hotel and Villas, condo hotel, Kissimmee FL – just a stone’s throw from the Orlando Disney Parks. Purchased at $125,000 in  2006 – now priced at just $16,000!

    The catch? There isn’t one, this is a real one hundred thousand dollar discount. It’s not a short sale – it’s not a foreclosure – it’s not even listed yet. But it’s available NOW at this price from a private seller who lives out of state.

    It’s a cash deal of course, closing must occur before the end of December 2009.

    How much are the HOA fees and taxes? An interesting but academic question, the correct answer to which is, “Who cares?” (actually, taxes are under $1500/yr; HOA is about $300/mo).

    The Stats:
    Size: 338 Square feet
    Cert. Value: $42,500*
    Built: 1990
    Short term rental: Yes
    Structure: Concrete block & stucco.
    Onsite rental: Yes, split with management company.

    (*Current Value represents working appraised values according to the Osceola County website as of 11/10/2009.)

    To purchase this holiday Orlando condo hotel, contact Condo Metropolis on: 407-290-3408. Proof of funds required. Contracts will be accepted until 11-31-09.

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