• One of our favorite Orlando condos is the Sanctuary downtown on South Eola drive. Like a great many of the downtown condos this weekend, the Sanctuary played host to a number of July 4th parties where views of the Lake Eola fireworks were second to none.

    Unfortunately, tragedy occurred when one man fell from floor17 of Sanctuary’s 18 floors during one such party to his death.

    Police have identified Wyatt Cragan, of Boca Raton, as the man who fell. Reports show 25-year-old Cragan was at a party at the luxury condo at 10 p.m. Witnesses on the scene said the man jumped backward to sit on a railing on the balcony, but ended up going over the edge. He landed on the balcony of a fifth-floor unit and died at the scene.

    There have been a couple of reports like Local 6 news but none are as profound a the few seconds of silent video footage shot by a videographer shortly afterwards without commentary; the sound of fireworks still going off in the background. What started as a night of celebration ended very sadly. Our thoughts are with the man’s family and our friends at the Sanctuary.

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