• Question: I have often wondered where the pound limitation came from in HOA pet policies. I have always considered small, yappy dogs to be more of a nuisance than larger dogs that don’t have the usual frenetic personality of smaller dogs. The only vicious dog I have ever owned was a miniature dachshund. Wouldn’t it make more sense to control the behavior and not size of the dog?

    Answer: Most pet restrictions have more to do with noise and wear and tear of the common area and less about aggression. But when it comes to aggression, dachshunds may bite but pit bulls can kill. So there is a deadly difference when it comes to size. Certain breeds have a reputation for aggression. While it’s not true in the case of every dog within a breed, pet policies often err on the side of caution. In any case, pets are a politically charged issue so the board should consider opposing views before enacting any new policy.

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    Editor’s note: In Orlando condos, the most common dog restriction is to disallow dogs over 50lb. There are often breed restrictions also, disallowing ‘dangerous’ breeds such as Pit Bull terriers and Rotweillers. ‘Exotic’ pets such as snakes are also not usually permitted.

    On-site Realtors – feel free to let us know what your particular restrictions are!

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