• Bella Piazza Goes Hardcore

    One of the indicators of a change in the market will be the instant hardening of sellers (in particular developers) towards buyers with the loss of incentives and a refusal to budge on price.

    At the Bella Piazza condos in Davenport, we’re starting to see some of this now. This community still has some units left but the Bella Piazza pricing we talked of month or two ago has already increased.

    For those interested in securing a unit, contracts that are mailed away to another state must be signed and returned within 48 hours of contract being emailed along with a receipt of wire transfer for the minimum $5,000.00 or full 10%. Bella Piazza offers to “hold the condo off the market for 48 hours to receive all intended items. The buyer may fax, scan & email or overnight the contract back to our office. If those items are not received within the 48 hour period, the condominium will return to “for sale” market status with no exceptions.”

    The latest memo also states that Bella Piazza is only accepting cash contracts, a pretty tough stance with purchase prices in the low to mid $100’s. While there are plenty of buyers with cash in the $50K condo conversion arena, there are far fewer with $150K to play with.

    For a tour of the remaining Bella Piazza condo units or more info call us on 407-290-3408 or email Admin@CondoMetropolis.com

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