• Long time talk show host and co- author of The Fair Tax Book Neil Boortz said this morning that anyone looking to invest needed to forget about the stock market and look at real estate.  When consulting a want-to-be investor Boortz said.

     “I am contracted into a large real estate deal this year.  If I had any more money to invest I would be looking at big Real Estate Deals.  We are going to see a lot of inflation thanks to the Democrats.  Inflation is good for real estate prices.”

    Though certainly the blame doesn’t fall entirely on the Democrats, it is un arguable that the trillions of dollars in debts and deficits, banker bail outs, stimulus plans, the Fed buying back their own T-Bills because no other country will touch them etc. etc. will result in inflation.  In this environment it is always better to keep investment money out of dollars and into something real, like real estate.

    This coupled with the simply incredible buying opportunities that are out there today and the interest rates at unbelievably low levels, if you don’t get in the market in the next 6 months, don’t be surprised if you miss the boat.

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