• The new year is upon us.  2009.  Wow.  This time last year gasoline was over $4.00 a gallon, all five of the major investment banks still existed, our country hadn’t ‘bailed out’ any major institutions, and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were still battling for the democratic nomination.  Seems like so long ago already.

    2008 shook the very foundations of our country’s financial system.  Between a banking collapse, stock market upheaval, skyrocketing unemployment and a sharp decline in home values, we are arguably in the midst of the greatest economic crisis our country has experienced since the Great Depression. 

    But with a new year comes new hope.  Most economists have agreed that 2009 will mark the turning point for the American housing market and, hopefully, the economy at large. 

    And so, for the proud few surviving mortgage brokers, it’s go time.  Low rates and bottoming home prices are creating the perfect environment for a new housing boom.  The next generation of smart  homeowners have already begun searching for their future houses.

    Consider me your new and improved friendly local mortgage broker. This year, I’m planning to:

    • provide minute-by-minute updates on everything affecting the mortgage market through my website, www.gregwhiteside.com.
    • be your local housing expert whether you own a home, are buying a home now, or will be buying a home in the future: I will help renters negotiate the best deals, I will compare renting versus owning options, I will counsel you to increase your credit rating, I will help you analyze real estate investment options, and I will help you best use mortgage debt to maximize your family’s cash-flow.
    • continue to build my relationship with each and every one of you through listening to your feedback, holding individual consultations, and hosting major social events.

    www.GregWhiteside.com      Economic Updates – Market Commentary – Best Website In The Universe

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