• “Ok, well keep me posted if you see any good deals.”

    I hear this all the time from would-be buyers on the phone who are stuck in the mud and never quite satisfied with what’s on the table. These folk never buy, because they’re always wating for something better to come along. “Sure,” I say.

    What I really want to say is: “Are you kidding me? There are 22,000 listings in Orlando right now - half of them foreclosures going for a steal and we take a dozen calls a day. Why don’t YOU get back to me when you’re serious about buying?”

    But of course I’m not that rude.

    The truth is there are hundreds of killer deals out there right now – and you can find them all by searching our MLS database. Question is – how quick can you move if you have to?

    For example, I just got back from a local condo complex on the golf course in MetroWest. I ran over there because I heard there was a condo for sale over there – a 2/2 for $44,900K. They’ve been selling for about $300K. I ran over there, because even I couldn’t believe it. I had to see if it was for real. Maybe the place was trashed, drywall all over the floor, mold from baseboards to rafters. But no, it was perfect. New stainless steel appliances, new carpet and walls clean enough to eat off. Almost. Surely some mistake with the number I thought. I called the listing agent. No mistake. I met a potential buyer there about 15 minutes later. “I want it,” she said (assuming dad agrees).

    This is the best deal I’ve seen all year. And I’ve already been to a dozen auctions. It’s an Orlando bank foreclosure that was corporate owned. And if she doesn’t have it under contract in 24 hours I’ll eat my proverbial hat – and the next guy in line will take it.

    Maybe that guy will be you. But if you want a deal you’ve got to be prepared to move fast. And have cash ready – or a damn good loan. There’s no “Let me think about it,” no “Well I have to talk to my bank about a mortgage.” Either you want it and make a decision today – or you’re not as serious as you think you are.

    The banks aren’t playing around. And nor should you be. If you’re interested in this condo or others like it contact us asap.

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