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    Money can’t buy me love – but a million bucks can buy you into to the U.S. (Update: As of 2010, the investment required is now just $500,000.)

    In a first for Florida, the developers of Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa are able to invite foreign nationals to become lawful permanent residents of the United States.

    Their application with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service which will permit foreign investors in Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa to apply for conditional lawful permanent resident status with subsequent full residency status has been approved.

    dr evilHow does it work?

    The United States government has set aside 10,000 visa numbers in an entrepreneur investor category known as EB-5. Few projects across the United States qualify and none have been approved to date in the State of Florida. The developers are pleased to announce that LBV will be the first one to so qualify in Florida and establish a platinum standard in the industry.

    Only 35 qualified and accredited investors will be allowed to acquire 70 fully furnished condominiums in the existing towers which will assist in the application for EB-5 qualification. These units will immediately be placed in a rental program managed by a professional company and are said to project a very solid gross annual return, with a net impressive annual return after expenses on the investment. The developers anticipate the hold period for the investor to be approximately five years from inception.

    What else do I get for the investment?

    In addition, the developer is adding a free, two year membership to the LBV Spa, concierge service whenever you are on site, two weeks free use of a unit for you and your family, unlimited use of the fitness center, aquatic center, and airport boarding and limousine service. You will also receive monthly newsletters and access to a confidential code on the website exclusive to the investors. As of 2010, the investor gets a two-bedroom, two-bath existing unit, as well as 1/2 ownership of a 3/2 existing unit.

    Is there more?

    Discounts to the outlet mall, legal services to assist in the filing of the application, DVD and brochures to see and show to your family and friends what a unique opportunity this is not only to invest in a project which is one mile from Disney World, but also to become a resident of the United States and obtain the famous green card in a very short period of time, estimated to be less than one year!

    What do I need to show?

    You will need to demonstrate a net worth of at least $1 million USD or income of $200,000 annually for the last two years, a clean personal history, and intent to immigrate to the United States. This application can include all members of your immediate family! But remember, there are only 35 positions, so first come, first served!

    Are there any more than 35 positions in the limited liability company?

    While the developers may expand the investor base in the future, the present plan calls for only 35 positions in this phase. Therefore, it is essential and important to register now! No cash is required, but you must forward your name and contact information to be able to have us contact you as the Regional Center Designation has been approved.

    Also, the construction of the subject units is COMPLETE and operational. As such, your risk is significantly reduced by being able to see, touch, feel and stay in the units you will be acquiring. The financial risk is also greatly reduced by the elimination of any mortgage financing! With over 800,000 visitors who already have stayed at LBV, the Resort is a well known and beloved destination with good prospects for occupancy growth.

    How does this application help the United States economy?

    The investment required in this program is $1 million per investor family. In addition, the developer will have to demonstrate 18 months from now that he has created ten direct or indirect jobs into the U.S. economy in the region. As such, you will be not only helping yourself but the country as well.

    How much will this cost?

    The investment itself requires an amount of $ 1 million USD (now $500,000) plus $40,000 for out of pocket expenses related to the administration and filing of the application. You will be required to submit a reservation amount of $20,000 and then a similar amount of $20,000 fifteen days after. You will also have an opportunity to review an Offering which will detail all the matters related to the project. We encourage you to hire independent and separate counsel to review your legal and tax situation. Each person is different so you must act prudently.

    What evidence must I show to qualify?

    In addition to the source of funds to be invested, you will be required to show the past five years of tax returns, a valid passport, any foreign corporate documents and your sources of capital such as savings or stock sales. You can even borrow the funds or have them gifted to you, but it will have to all be very clearly documented in a narrative and a chart. Any wire transfers will have to come from identifiable banking sources. You will also have to submit to a basic medical test and biometrics (fingerprints and eye print) intake.

    If you have been previously married, you will need the divorce or death decrees and a net worth statement along with photographs.

    Can we get more information?

    Of course. And you can also send us an email today to be placed on the nonbinding list to reserve a spot while we send you a complete packet.

    Remember, a US residency allows you to live ANYWHERE in the United States, allows you to travel at your convenience without ever needing to apply for another visa and can lead to US nationality in five years from conditional residency.

    With 84 F temperature year round in Orlando and 300 days of sunshine,

    it is hard to imagine why anyone would want to live anywhere else. U.S. residency is normally a long and complex procedure: LBV makes it as simple and smooth as possible! An investment with an immediate ‘green card’ dividend one mile from Disneyworld and five miles from six major theme parks – what else can you ask for? Welcome to America!

    Call 407-901-5161 today to be placed on the priority list, or email Info@CondoMetropolis.com

    To learn more about the resort itself, see our Lake Buena Vista Resort page.

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