• Maitland’s two main condo projects have been on hold since the market tanked but this week’s OBJ report suggests they may never go ahead. We’ve been following both the Trevi and its neighbor Ravinia since their inception but their fate never looked good – which is a shame for Maitland, which is now entering its golden years and would frankly have benefited from the face lift. TreviAnd while the Trevi’s low occupancy, high luxury conception was at least feasible, Ravinia’s notion that there would ever have been enough buyers for all it’s 297 condos seemed doomed in just about any market.

    For the developers of Ravinia, it’s been a tough couple of years culminating in the suicide of Steve Walsh (the company’s managing partner) in June. In both cases, the land may be available for sale – call Condo Metropolis at: 407-290-3408 or email Info@CondoMetropolis.com for more details.

    See also our interview with Trevi developer Vincent Pellicane.

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