• Downtown Orlando’s Solaire at the Plaza is great condominium.But like most downtown condos, it’s had its fair share of problems.

    Now, after a number of sales and marketing companies have come and gone, each turning down offers from both individuals and bulk investors, several reliable sources suggest that the developers (Wood Partners) have decided to take their chances at auction – and Condo Metropolis has heard that a press release is expected on Friday 8th February, 2008. The Orlando Sentinel is expected to pick up on the story tomorrow. Bidding will start at about $170k. Details to follow.

    Developers “In the Dark”
    Black Square - Lights Out at Solaire!To add insult to injury, according to Central Florida News 13, the Orlando Utilities Commission (O.U.C.) said it is about to turn out the lights at the Plaza because it is delinquent on its bills – to the tune of over $250,000. OUC is reported to have threatened the owners of The Plaza, saying that if someone doesn’t pay the thousands of dollars owed, it is going to turn off the electricity – soon.

    OUC said tenants in the building would keep power, but common areas such as hallways and the lobby would be in the dark. Emails from concerned residents are now flying up and down Solaire’s hallways.

    So, um, will the last person out please remember to turn out the lights — or pay the bill.

    For more on Solaire at the Plaza, visit our Solaire Condos page.

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