• The U.S. Real Estate market is changing in dynamic ways. And I’m not talking about the messy mortgage melt-down. Every minute, six people turn 60 years old in America, and the graying of the population will change the housing market in many dynamic ways. 78 Million sunshine-seeking Boomers will retire in 15 years or less. Guess where they’re headed? And you’re worried about the future value of Florida real estate?!

    Besting, Bob WaunIn his new book Besting (better nesting instead of empty nesting) Bob Waun defines “besting” as the stage between becoming an empty nester and full-time retirement. Besters are Boomers who are seeking a better lifestyle. Besting occurs when a Boomer chooses to live in a dream home, or dream lifestyle that they have denied themselves, or have not had the means to obtain before now. The Better Nest is a culmination of years of pent up demand, and an attempt to express individuality and identity in a home or lifestyle-home purchase.

    Besting is about lifestyle, desires and dreams and this interesting new book explores the numerous new housing options including: Condo Hotel, Fractional, Timeshare and destination clubs; choices that will define the Baby Boom generation. One hundred and three quick pages may just transform your view of real estate.

    Bob Waun’s blog at secondhomes411 is devoted to the various options available for those looking for equity in retirement. To buy or download a copy of Besting click here. And if you think you might just be a Bester, contact us here at Condo Metropolis for Orlando’s best Besting options.

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