• It’s been about a year since my favorite downtown-condo-in-the-making, The Monarch launched its sales effort. In this week’s OBJ, Anjali Fluker reports that current market conditions may have the developers modifying their original plans. I doubt they’re alone.

    Other new downtown projects include Tradition Towers, The Vue, 55 West, Star Tower, and the Paramount. Most of these are in some state of construction with only The Monarch and Tradition Towers not having broken ground.

    In January, Eola Place folded, and it may not be the last, so rethinking could turn out to be a smart move, since it gives developers the opportunity to alter the project before “going vertical”.

    When I called in earlier in the year, the phones for the proposed 24-story tower were not being answered, but since then it seems that Jaymor-Reed Development have regrouped – although they remain tight lipped about their new plans.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Orlando’s downtown condos will succeed. But timing is everything, and developers who began their plans 3-4 years ago could not have foreseen current market conditions. It will not change the future – but it may slow things down some.

    Meanwhile, for buyers this could be more good news, because desperate developers, ever more frantic to make their pre-sale requirements, may be prepared to drop their asking price. For more on the best (and safest) Orlando deals, drop us a line here at CondoMetropolis.com.

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