• iPhone offer from Condo Metropolis

    I’m not a band-wagon kind of guy – but I’m crazy about this iPhone. It’s a quantum leap into the next generation of phones and once you’ve seen one, you’ll want one. That’s just the way it is. Of course Apple figured this out fairly quickly and so they threw another $100 on the price just days before its release. So now at $599, is it still worth it?

    Yes. But if you’re in the market for an Orlando condo, you can pick one up for free!

    Just use CondoMetropolis.com to find your condo and let us close the deal for you as your agent, not only will get our services at no charge, but we’ll throw in a brand new iPhone when you close before December 2007! Why would we do this? Well, since the developers pay our commissions, we don’t need to charge buyers – and we can even afford to throw a gift your way as a ‘thank you’ for using our services. So if you’re planning on buying anyway, you have nothing to loose and an incredible new piece of technology to gain that will keep you amused for hours and make you the focus of every cocktail party well into next year.

    Me? i-Like! (Visit the Condo Metropolis home page for more info and to browse all the Orlando condos in town!) Mention Promo Code HEHZ0707.

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