• bellatrae condosBellaTrae is an upscale, gated, town home-style and mid-rise condo community in the heart of the beautiful ChampionsGate Golf Resort in Orlando. Located about 5 miles from the Disney, the community offers a great lifestyle with unparalleled amenities. You can certainly live in luxury and play in style.

    BellaTrae condos are currently offering a program where they will reimburse your airfare and hotel expenses at the Omni Hotel up to $1,500 if you purchase of of their condos. They say: “We know once you’re here you won’t want to leave!” Hmmm… yes I can see that might be true. From about $225-$390k they’re not as cheap as your regular condo conversion, but then again, you get what you pay for, right? Cuz the condos near the airport ain’t got no golf.

    Bermuda Dunes condos in MetroWest have been offering a similar program to view their villa style condos. For more info see ourĀ Bermuda Dunes page.

    So if you’re serious about golf, and you’re serious about a condo fly in for free and we’ll give you the Orlando golf tour!

    For more info on Bermuda Dunes condos, see our Bermuda Dunes page.

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