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    NEWS RELEASE: Trevi Development set to break ground on 30,000 square foot Northbridge Building in Downtown Maitland in August.

    MAITLAND  After a series of chess moves between a new community bank and the current Trevi sales center, developer Vincent Pellicane Jr. will break ground in August on the 30,000 square foot Northbridge building. The three-story triple A office building “which will retain the name of the original developer’s agreement  eventually will house Pellicane Trevi condominium sales center, as well as the headquarters of First Colony Bank of Florida, (in organization) and several law offices. But, before the first shovel of dirt is turned, the Trevi sales center in the small red building at 711 N. Orlando Ave. will temporarily relocate to the Maitland Exchange building by July 23 and bank employees will move into the vacant sales center. Both companies will move again in about nine months when the Northbridge building is completed, Pellicane said. So far, about half of the building’s space has been pre-leased. The bank will occupy 6,500 square feet of space on the first floor and there will be offices on the second and third floors, he said.  Pellicane said the state-of-the-art, $10 million building which is being designed by ACI architects and built by David Lamm “ will be of a slightly different style than The Trevi condominiums and The Trevi II fire station/office building.  But, as with those buildings, Pellicane also is trying to get the Northbridge building certified as an environmentally green, or LEED building, which promotes design and construction practices that increase profitability while reducing the negative environmental impacts of buildings.  Just a couple of weeks ago, the Trevi developer announced he was hoping to build Maitland’s new fire station. If Pellicane’s plan to swap land with the city and build a fire station on the ground floor of his four-story retail/office building is approved, the city will gain a new super-sized station near Sybelia Parkway and U.S. Highway 17-92 and long-awaited efforts to rejuvenate the city’s downtown corridor will finally begin.  In a recent City Council meeting at which all five council members expressed support of a plan that would incorporate the fire station into Pellicane’s Trevi Phase II building.  Pellicane’s proposal also offers several amenities to city police and fire employees at no cost to the city. Amenities included are a jogging track, basketball court and fitness facility. Verl Emrick, the city’s community redevelopment association director, said the proposal was well received and generally positive all around. He says Pellicane is pro-active and positive. The city and Pellicane are insisting the structure being built as a LEED-certified building by showing building sustainability and being designated as an environmentally smart or green building by the United States Green Building Council. When completed, the Trevi II would be the first LEED [Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design] building in the

    Orlando area. Pellicane said he wants to build all buildings as LEED-certified. LEED-certification is the way of the future to be energy efficient and the additional expenses pay for themselves within three years. This building is going to be a pioneer building for the state of Florida, he said. The 1.25 parcel of land being offered to the city by Pellicane will be swamped for a 1.03 acre across the street from the city hall.


    Pellicane’s project is subject to appraisals, cooperation with the downtown redevelopment participants and the completion of a feasibility study, which the council has directed its staff to move forward with, he said.

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