CondoMetropolis.com adds MLS access to website:
    Creates largest e-roof for Orlando condo shoppers.


    Orlando, Fla. June 19, 2007: Condo Metropolis has added access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to it’s ever growing list of condo-friendly tools at CondoMetropolis.com. The condo website has allowed access to its own proprietary developer database since its launch in December 2006, but the company’s founders felt that MLS access was necessary to complete the user experience. Now there are Two ways to Search. Users can search the original database as well the new MLS and can thus compare the deals offered by individuals and developers. 

    Frankly, if I were searching for a new condo, I’d probably continue to use the developer database, because that’s where most of the best deals are, said Marcus Burke, company founder. Developers understand the current market and are doing whatever it takes to move their units. They’re offering a ton of incentives from paid closing costs, to paid HOA fees, to complete kitchen upgrades. An individual reseller is never going to be able to compete with those kinds of terms. Many private sellers still don’t understand that their condo might not be worth what they actually paid for it and they’re asking way to much because they think that they’re entitled to get back what they spent… But the market doesn’t work that way. The only folk successfully selling condos on the MLS right now are those who are truly motivated to sell and don’t mind loosing a few thousand dollars to cut their losses. Now, if you can find one of those deals, then I’d take it. 

    Launched in December 2006, CondoMetropolis.com hosts Orlando’s largest online database of condominiums – from pre-construction to condo-hotel and condo conversion. Developers are able to list for free and buyers are also able to browse Orlando’s condos for free without having to leave the comfort of home – and without hopping from site to site. Once a potential buyer finds a condo they are interested they can contact a Condo Metropolis agent who will visit the condo with them, help them negotiate the best incentives, take care of the paperwork, and close the deal – all at no charge.

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