• In his new book Condominium Living, Robert Meisner shares a lifetime of condo experience as a condominium owner and attorney. The book is divided into two sections: Part 1: discusses the factors to be considered when selecting, buying, and selling a condominium. Part 2: explains the management and operation of the condominium association.

    The book closes with a section called Meisner’s Maxims where the author sheds a more humorous light on the subject of condo living.

    This book will help you to familiarize yourself with the legal and practical aspects of condominium living. Because condos are not for everyone. I’d like to recommend it to some of my neighbors – who will never “get it.” Got a spare copy Robert?! For chapter details…

    Chapter 1: BUYING AND SELLING A CONDO:  Understanding condos and their terms.

    Chapter 2: I KNOW MY RIGHTS:  Understanding State and Federal Statutes and Regulations

    Chapter 3: CONDO, SWEET CONDO:  Purchasing a Condo as your primary residence.

    • The Communal Living Model
    • Is a condo right for me?
    • The first Step
    • Its like finding the right mate
    • You mean I will own that, too?
    • The contract before you sign

    Chapter 4: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION:  Purchasing a Condo as an Investment:

    Chapter 5: THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS:  Vacation Homes and Taxes

    Chapter 6: CLOSING TIME:  Guidelines to Selling a Condo.

    Chapter 7: CAST OF CHARACTERS: The Board of Directors

    Chapter 8: THE MAN WITH THE PLAN:  The Developer and Transition to Condo Association Control.

    Chapter 9: CHOOSING HIRED HELP:  The Condo Association Attorney, CPA and Insurance  agent.

    Chapter 10: SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET:  Potential problems for condominium associations.

    Chapter 11: WORDS OF WISDOM: Final Thoughts and “Meisner’s Maxims” on Condo Living.

    robert2.jpgRobert Meisner is a real estate attorney and condo specialist with 35 years experience. Condo Living is published by Momentum Books, and can be purchased at major book stores or directly through the publisher at http://www.momentumbooks.com/ or 800-758-1870 x109.

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