• A South Florida company has received Orlando City Commission approval to build a $300,000, two-tower, mixed use building to be called SkyCity.

    “They’re crazy!” I hear you scream. “More downtown condos? Those developers are out of their tiny, concrete-ridden minds!”

    Take a chill pill. It’s gonna be okay. Construction is not expected to start until 2009 and they probably won’t be finished until 2011. By then the current condo glut should be pretty much used up – just in time for the baby boomer invasion. Besides, much of the space is devoted to business.

    The first tower will be a 25-story office building – and the first ten floors will be for parking. The 11th floor will feature a 20,000 square foot luxury fitness center. Nice!

    The second tower will be an even larger, 35-story building featuring both a hotel and, on the upper floors, just 120 condominiums. It’s okay. We can handle that.

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