• We all know that the world of real estate can be brutal. Real estate agents don’t rank just above lawyers in the list of most disrespected professions for nothing! (This isn’t true at Condo Metropolis of course.)

    Now get this:

    “KILL HOUSE is a modern day tale of bloodlust, rivalry and greed – all masquerading as the American Dream. As news of a brutally murdered San Francisco realtor throws the Los Angeles real estate community into a tailspin, fear and panic spread as more and more agents turn up dead. Who’s behind these crazed serial killings? The prime suspect is an ex-con hired by one of the property owners. But after he’s caught, the killings don’t stop – they only get worse! It’s a self-indulgent world of terror, where no one’s who he or she seems to be — and everyone’s a suspect. A bloody black comedy with a satirical twist.”

    I guess we had it coming.


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