• The Blue Rose Condo Hotel

    The Orlando Business Journal has posted the results for its annual Best Real Estate DealsThe awards are a result of readers’ nominations; the criteria for choosing winners is based on the project’s community impact, difficulties overcome and success.

    And the award for overall best Real Estate Deal of 2006 goes to [clears throat]:

    The Blue Rose. Crowd goes wild. Step forward. Take a bow. One billion dollars… well spent. It’s true. Orlando has never seen anything quite like the Blue Rose – a building that might seem quite average in Las Vegas, but is quite stunning in the southeast – even in over-the-top Orlando. Rumor has it that south of the city, even the M.O.U.S.E. is impressed. 

    The Blue Rose project is part of a 5 billion dollar investment in Orlando’s I-Drive. But that’s only part of the story. Can somebody say Investment? Forget what the paper’s are saying about the market, these folk are looking to Orlando’s future and putting down cold, hard cash. And as the old saying goes: Actions speak louder than newspaper! I mean, words. But I digress. Buy now – or cry later.

    This five star resort-style residence will host over 1300 condo-hotel units, each one yours for a cool $300k (give or take a few quarters). Could be a nice little earner if you believe in the future of condo hotels. And I think I might. At least I like this one. It’s hard not to. Check out their listing on CondoMetropolis.com to see what incredible world class amenities are on offer. 

    Did somebody say Flamingos? 

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