• bowl of soupIn the face of the current housing bust, Orlando City Council is setting up a soup kitchen for the town’s starving real estate agents. Several varieties of soup including Chicken Noodle and Leek and Potato, will be available all over the holiday period from December 20th until the New Year. In order to qualify, agents need to show that they have earned zero commissions in the month of December and / or are facing foreclosure on their own properties due to the “correction” in the market.

    “It’s just amazing,” said Angie Binow of Real Estate Magic Inc. “I thought I was going to have to stand on the street with a sign saying ‘Will write contracts for food’ but thanks to the City, I know that over Christmas, I mean the Holidays, me and my kids won’t go hungry.”

    A spokesperson for the City Council said: “It’s the least we could do for our Realtors who have worked so hard promoting the new downtown area. But other agents are still hurting all over the country. Our thoughts are with them at this time and we hope that other cities will follow our example by starting their own Feed a Realtor program.”

    The National Association of Realtors (NAR) said that they just wished the City would stop referring to sales agents as “Realtors.”

    soup kitchen“Not all sales agents are Realtors(R),” said Alan Jobsworthy. “A Realtor(R) is a trademarked term that describes members of our Association. Actually our research suggests that Realtors(R) are less likely to go hungry than your communal garden agent.”

    Polls show that in the midst of their ordeal, public sympathy for real estate agents has increased. The latest poll shows a two point climb from their previous position below Car Salesman to just above Attorneys.

    For more information, call: Orlando City Council at: 1-800-NoBubble.

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