Orlando Condo Home Inspections

It May Pay For Itself!
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All condos, even brand new ones, have problems. Some are not so serious – others can be deal breakers. A professional home inspection will help you figure out the difference and can prevent you from making a costly mistake. Hidden defects which are revealed can usually be addressed before you close the deal, leaving you more comfortable with your purchase. It can also save you hundreds of dollars in repair work – more than covering the cost of the inspection itself.

Some of the systems that are addressed in a condo inspection include:

A professional home inspection will generally cost between $180 - $700. The price will vary based on the size of the home, age, location and any specialized inspections (ie; Swimming Pools, Mold, Termites by CS, Septic Dye Testing, Radon Gas, Lead, etc). Because your condo purchase is such an important investment, it makes no sense to skip the inspection – yet many do. If you need help finding a lisensed home inspector, just ask us. We'd be happy to refer you.

You'll find a useful video on the home inspection process on our Blog. Or click here for the shortcut.