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At Condo Metropolis we work with our international condo investors to help educate them about their various choices so that they can make the best decision for themselves and their families. We know there are many issues to consider, from getting a mortgage, to figuring out who's going to look after your investment when you're not there. We can help with both!

Investors: No, you don't have to be here to purchase if you don't want to be. We can visit the property for you, take photos, arrange the inspection and email you the contract when you are ready to sign.. Every aspect of the transaction, including the closing (completion) can be accomplished electronically or via mail services. Purchasing property in the U.S. is far easier and less time consuming than in many other countries.

When it comes to exhanging large amounts of money for a downpayment or all-cash purchase, you'll want to lock in the most favorable rates. There are various options to 'hedge' against future losses. Talk to us about some of your options or click on the currency exchange links below to chat with one of our partners.

U.K. / Canada Residents:

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We can help! If you're interested in investing in Orlando's condos (even just one), just contact us. We'd be happy to discuss your thoughts - using the Queen's English. We also partner with mortgage companies which specialize in financing for overseas residents (20-30% down may be required). On occasion we are seeing $2 to the British pound, the best Euro rate ever and parity with the Canadian dollar (first time since 1976!) so Florida property can be a wise choice for foreign nationals. Canadians might like to read this article and also this one from the Wall Street Journal.

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Exchanging Money For Home Purchase

If you are buying a property abroad, emigrating, or transferring money overseas you will have to make your payment in the currency of that country:

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