• Orlando Fla: They say that so long as the sun keeps shining, folk will keep coming to Florida. And with the baby boomer generation beginning to retire in droves, Orlando can expect to see many thousands of retirees migrating from all over the U.S. — either as “snow-birds”, or taking up full-time residence here in the Sunshine State.


    For our snow birds, this might mean a second home or vacation villa with the convenience of a “lock-and-go” lifestyle. Others may be looking to make a more permanent move. Often, this means “downsizing” into a condo or villa. With the downsizing of square footage, comes the shrinking of furnishings. And while boomers may look forward to freeing themselves of excess belongings, having to make conscious decisions to relinquish furniture and other items they might have had for many years can actually be very stressful. This can lead to procrastination, and even some grief associated with this loss.

    Not only are there moving issues, but there are other thorny issues – like trying to pick out a new home in Florida, when you’re half way across the country!

    Fortunately, most of these issues can be overcome. At Condo Metropolis we understand your changing lifestyle and we work with our clients to help educate them about their various choices so that they can make the best decision for themselves and their families.

    We can help with ideas from storage for treasured items to sending you home walk through video by email so you can see your favorite home picks without having to jump on a plane.

    Best of all, as potential buyer our assistance will cost you absolutely nothing, since the seller usually pays all commissions. So get started with a free MLS search today, or call us for assistance. (407) 901-5161 x1.

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