• Plantation Park Condos, Orlando

    As most of you probably know by now, I’m not a fan of short sales - unless a buyer bails on one that’s ready to close. Well here’s one such deal at Plantation Park condos. The buyer has been working out this one-bedroom deal with BOA / Freddie Mac for about 8 months, and just as it’s ready to close, they’re pulling out because they have to move to Chicago at short notice. A shame for them, but easy pickings for someone else, all without the hassle of multiple offers on a bank foreclosure deal.

    Plantation Park is a great little community built in 1996, just a stone’s throw from the Disney gates and about half a mile from the famous Outlet Mall. There are very few competitors in terms of condos in the area and should be easy to rent to Disney employees etc. It currently has a tenant who may want to stay however, and Condo Metropolis can provide the necessary professional property management for out of state / overseas buyers. (Typical rent on a 1/1 is currently about $700-800 and typical management fee is 10% of rent.)

    These condos are pretty hard to get and the current buyer put contracts in on several in order to get this one. As you can see from the photos, it’s in good condition with decent appliances and a patio. Seller put in new A/C unit in place in April. A/C units are the biggest expense item in that complex because developer never replaced those at the time of conversion, so this is a huge plus. The garage you see does not come with this condo.

    You will not find this Plantation Park condo listed on the MLS since it is now a pending sale, however here is the old Plantation listing which contains all the info including taxes and HOA fees etc.

    Buyer must be ready to close this deal at short notice. Could be a week, most likely two, but should be ready to close in the next 30 days at most, unless any final hiccups. Commission will be paid by bank, only a $295 service charge will apply.

    Call Condo Metropolis on 407-290-3408 to submit a contract on this 2nd floor Plantation Park condominium. CASH only, Proof of Funds / deposit required.

    This is a short sale and the listing price may not be sufficient to cover all encumbrances, closing costs and other charges and sale / price of property at  is conditional upon approval of third parties.

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