Bank owned prices, without the hassle factor! These condos are NOT listed on the MLS.

    An opportunity for an investor to aquire 5 Cascades condos in one clean deal at foreclosure prices without having to bid against a dozen other bidders, collecting one unit at a time, and without having to wait weeks for a response only to be asked to complete mounds of additional paperwork.

    1. Unit # 1/1 615 SF  – vacant
    2. Unit # 1/1 750 SF  – vacant
    3. Unit # 3/2 1284 SF – vacant
    4. Unit # 2/2 1075 SF  – vacant
    5. Unit # 1/1 750 SF – rented until March 31 st at $650

    Condo prices are all-cash, non-negotiable and units may not be purchased as singles.

    New carpet and paint is needed in order to make these units rent ready. Some repairs may also be required. Condos are ‘as is’ and there is no seller disclosure. Inspections are permitted. No outstanding HOAs. 3rd party management is available for non-local investors @ 10% of monthly rent. Finding and screening tenants is not included and is charged at first month’s rent.

    Approximate Cascades monthly rents:

    • 1/1  $500-600
    • 2/2  $600-700
    • 3/2  $650-750

    Taxes will depend on the number of bedrooms, square footage and sale price in each case and will be based on the county’s assessment of fair market value – probably under $2k per year on average.

    Approximate Cascades HOA fees (monthly).

    • $145 on 1 beds
    • $146-252 on 2-beds (Depends on floor plan and sq. footage)
    • $207-250 on 3-beds

    For a video tour of Cascades, Kissimmee and more info, visit this link:  CASCADES CONDOS.

    Closing can take place (by mail for out of state buyers) in about 21-45 days. Call Condo Metropolis on: 407-290-3408 for more info and contracts.

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