• The latest run of CBS’ Survivor was one of the most gripping seasons ever, with some of the most horrendous weather, most life threatening medical evacuations and some of the hardest game playing tactics ever witnessed. You just couldn’t have written some of this stuff.

    In last night’s Survivor Samoa finale, the series hardest hitting player (“that nasty Russell”) finally lost out to (not-so-nasty) Natalie, as the final three survivors battled it out for the $1,000,000 prize money.

    So what will Natalie do with her $1,000,000 prize money?
    Perhaps she’ll do what previous winner did and move to Orlando.

    Todd Herzog, winner of Survivor China moved to Central Florida this year from his home in Utah and bought himself a condo with the help of Condo Metropolis.  We won’t say where, or for how much, but we’re glad he feels at home here in Orlando, along with his partner Spencer, another Survivor from the Tocantins (Brazil) series.

    We wish them both well!

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