• Auctions, auctions everywhere, nor any loan to buy. This is the home buyer’s version of the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.

    But cash buyers are having a bonanza. The Artisan Park / Celebration auction was a success with all units sold almost before the last car had found a parking spot.

    Now, with Orlando’s condo inventory dwindling and just two weeks left before the summer’s big condo auction in Orlando / Altamonte, interest is rising and over 30 contracts have been written by those hoping to get a jump on the auction itself.

    Best news of all, is that there may be private financing available for those who would like to buy a condo at auction but dont’ have the cash.

    Contact us at for more auction information on 407-290-3408 – and don’t forget to watch our condo auction video at:  Condo Metropolis.

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