• Orlando condo prices seem to be stabalizing at last with the first wave of bank owned deals starting to dry up.

    It seems likely there will be a second wave, as short sales fail and become foreclosures, then again, it may be that these will be withdrawn in favor of loan modification – in which case we may already have seen the best of the best deals.

    At the prestigious Star Tower condos downtown Orlando, prices have dropped. Take a look at some of these deals on the right for a sampling of current inventory.

    For those of more modest means, you can still pick up a decent condo for about half this amount – although loans are still a problem – and for investors who have about $40-50K to spare, you can still find a 2/2 that used to cost more like $200 if you know where to look and can handle an all-cash transaction.

    As always, give us a buzz on 407-901-5161 if you have any questions.

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