• Did you know you can save your searches and favorites - and then make the best listings come straight to your email box? Our search engine is nimble enough to narrow down your search to the minutest degree – but it seems most of you aren’t making the most of it.

    Next time you login, look for the “Manage Your Searches And Favorites” link. You’ll find it underneath the main navigation tabs in bold:

    Once you log in, you can tell the search engine exactly what you’re looking for, and it will send you new listings as they emerge. Then you can save them your “favorites”, make notes about them, and come back to them later. Once you’ve saved them just let us know and we can log in and see them too!

    Once logged in you’ll find see your “saved search” criteria look a little like the diagrams below. You’ll find one long column so we’ve split it up here into two. Just choose your criteria, don’t forget to hit ”save” and you’re done!

    Tip: Don’t get too narrow, and be careful not to include competing terms.

    Those also using our Orlando Real Estate site only need register once. Both engines pull from the same database.

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