• Some of you may have noticed a new “widget” on the top right hand side of the blog which displays current Orlando listings. Click on it and it will take you directly to our MLS search engine. And if you have those cool GI Joe eagle eyes that move from side to side you might even have noticed an extra row of tabs above our banner – which correspond to the six new pages we’ve just launched, designed to help you locate more of the information you need. They are:

    1. Timeshare vs. Condos
    2. Moving to Orlando? We’re Here to Help
    3. Baby Boomers
    4. International Buyers
    5. Agents: How to Earn Referral $$
    6. You Tube Video News

    We’ll be tweaking them in the days to come – especially the video section which we have no control over (it’s syndicated from YouTube.com) Anyway, we hope you like ’em.

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