• Short notice I know (I’ve been away) but there’s another opportunity to pick up good deals this weekend at the Conway Crest auction (between Sand Lake Road and S. Conway).

    Condo Metropolis is working through the Newly formed Stirling Sotheby’s Concierge team to give our clients the highest level of professional service available. Benefits would include:

    • Being the first to be notified about upcoming auctions
    • Onsite tours and information
    • Pre registration
    • Express Sign in Day of Auction
    • Top level Concierge service before, during and after the Auction

    Conway Crest Auction Orlando

    As always, you’ll need to register ahead of time so contact us asap – 407-290-3408. You’ll need to be able to bring a check to the auction for the down payment if you win.

    See this latest blog for the latest (2012) information on Conway Crest condos.

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