• Condo Metropolis Neighborhood MapA new year deserves a new look, so we’ve updated the Condo Metropolis search engine so it’s easier to use. At the end of last year, we installed a visual map - so if you’re not from Orlando you can actually see where all the neighborhoods are in relationship to each other, rather than relying on names you’ve never heard of.

    Also, when you get your search results, the tabs are gone and all the info you need is now on one page – and no more clicking around for all the details – just hover over the thumbnails and they move into the viewing window. It’s cleaner, sleeker and easier on the eye. We’ve also widened the blog and made some changes to the sidebar. And we’re looking for new contributors with fresh voices and a passion for real estate. If you can write, and can commit to a post every couple of weeks then introduce yourself!

    We’ll be tweaking our home page too in the weeks to come as we ad more features. It’s a buyer’s market and we want our site to be as buyer friendly as possible. Thanks for all your ideas - keep them coming.

    Happy condo hunting!

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