• It’s been a whole year since Condo Metropolis opened its online condo doors. And despite a slower than normal market, the site has received many thousands of visitors, and equiries are received daily concerning the Orlando condo scene.

    Condo Metropolis candle“Orlando Condo buyers just love having a site that’s dedicated to condominiums,” said Marcus Burke, company founder. “We’re the only place in town that lists all the condo inventory and our news blog covers all the latest condo gossip. People really want to know what’s going on out there.”

    CondoMetropolis.com is a fully licensed Florida real estate brokerage which means in addition to their huge web presence there are real people behind the scenes that are able to see each transaction through to the end.

    “Buyers select their favorite condos online, and then come to us when they want to see them in the flesh,” said Jens Raduschdwski, co-founder. We help them make their final selection, negotiate on their behalf, assist with paperwork and close the deal – all at no charge to the buyer.”

    Happy Birthday Condo Metropolis

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