• Every so often, I feel blessed. Like last month, when they came out with that new pill on TV where you can “Eat as much as you like and still loose weight!” (and they couldn’t say it if it wasn’t true). Ok, so maybe I wasn’t so lucky with that one since during the great “Prove-them-wrongeat-athonof October ’07, I actually gained ten pounds.

    However, I did feel truly blessed, when it became clear to me that one of the newest crazes in the Orlando condo market was about to incorporate my previous career in the hotel industry.

    orlando condo hotelsAt first, many saw the Orlando condo hotel concept only as the disfigured step-child of the Time Share Grand-daddy. I for one, was instantly intrigued by the thought of combining the excitement of the hotel business with the beauty of real estate. Condo hotels started slowly in Orlando, which was surprising since we are the ideal location for anything related to the hospitality industry. Only a few developers initially tried out this new venture. But with new projects and conversions being announced almost weekly throughout 2007, my phone is now off the hook with potential investors wanting information on the Orlando condo hotel phenomenon. And with the current slowdown in the housing market, real estate investors are finally taking note of this new and potentially lucrative investment opportunity.

    So at Condo Metropolis we figured it was time to try and shed some light onto this ├é┬ámarket segment by adding a page to our site, dedicated to answer some of the basic questions with regard to the Orlando condo hotel concept. So check out the newest edition to Orlando’s favorite condo source – our all-new Orlando Condo Hotel page!

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