• NEWS FLASH: For those of you who missed the last Orlando auction, there may be a second chance sooner than you think.

    Like THIS weekend.

    This Orlando auction promises to be an even bigger event and a very different animal. Whereas the last auction was just condos from just two different developments in one neighborhood, this one, scheduled for October 6th in the Universal area will auction over 100 properties – some out of state.

    Properties worth over $2 million will be up for grabs in an event the “Fair and Balanced” Fox News station is promising to cover. One Absolute Auction property on the Butler Chain of Lakes is said to have had an Appraisal for 2.4 Million.gavel

    If you’re looking for deals there are a number of properties that will be Auction Absolute which means they will sell regardless of price.  The reserves are low on the others apparently. There are a couple properties in this Auction where there is said to be no mortgage on the property at all. Advertising screams:

    “We have been authorized to get the property off the books for several developers who are ready to make group lot deals to GET THE PROPERTY OFF THE BOOKS. We are ready to move some properties and it is a fantastic time to buy Real Estate.  Hope to see you at the event maybe you too will be seen on National Television via Fox News.”

    Online bidding will be permitted and the auction will stream live over the internet for all to see. To take part, you must register in advance. Contact us on 407-901-5161 to register.

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