• Ravinia condos in Maitland finally opened its doors to the local Realtor population last night – so we put on our party frocks again and up Interstate 4 we drove.

    I have to say that from inside the sales center it all looks pretty good. The virtual tour is technologically incredible and the to-scale model is also pretty amazing. Ravinia condos have about 297 units Ravinia Condoswith over two dozen floor plans, making it a very different animal from its neighbor, the Trevi condos, due to be situated on the same lot. The Ravinia finishes, while not quite as luxurious as the Trevi are still excellent, and all in the all the project (developed by Broad Street Partners), is very impressive. Both Ravinia and the Trevi condos are a part of Maitland’s community redevelopment initiative, designed to give the city a much needed face lift. Pricing, although not yet officially released is likely to start in the mid 300’s for a 1 bedroom.

    If you’d like to take a look for yourself, this weekend will be the general public’s first chance for a ‘sneak preview’ of the sales center. For more info, or to pre-register, contact us here at Condo Metropolis.

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