• We’ve had a few folk tell us that they love our Blog, but they don’t always remember to check the Condo Metropolis site to see if there are new postings. “Why can’t you just email the news to me?” they say.

    So we’ve found an ingenious solution for you, and you can now subscribe to the Condo Metropolis Blog!

    crazy face

    Our readers are eccstatic as you can see. This loyal reader sent us a photo to prove just how happy she is now that she can just point and click her way to the latest condo news.

    Anyway, on the right hand sidebar, about here >>>>
    you’ll see an empty rectangular box. Just type in your email address, hit the grey “Subscribe” button underneath, and you’ll recieve an email whenever our blog is updated. No longer will you have to check the website each day. No longer will you be the last to find out who’s hot – and who’s not. (If you’re a true geek, you might still prefer to use our RSS Feed.) It’s all pretty simple stuff that will keep you in touch with the latest Orlando condo news – all without firing a single brain cell. Ain’t that attractive? (The concept, not the photo. Not that she’s not attractive. I’m not saying that at all…)

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