• solarisI needed a drink (or four) after work today, and since we’d received invitations to TWO broker events tonight, I thought we should make a good faith effort to attend both - and drink as much as we could at each one. Running a real estate company is thirsty business after all.

    The evening’s two bars, I mean “hosts” were the International Plaza Resort & Spa (condo hotel conversion) on International Drive, and Solaris (pre-construction townhomes) in MetroWest. And both turned out to be great events.

    I’m pretty sure I actually won something in the Raffle at the International Plaza, but I’m also pretty sure I lost about $500 on the Roulette table at Solaris. But that was just Monopoly money. (I think.) I think I drank more at Solaris – but only because all the alcohol from the International Plaza was making me dehydrated.  

    Okay, the real reason we went is because I actually really like both of these communities. I like the International Plaza because I think it’s one of the few condo-hotel projects that has a real chance of success. This is because it has all of the necessary ingredients to succeed, even in this difficult market: First of all, it’s already built, so you know you’re not going to get your deposit back in the mail. Secondly, it’s decently priced and thirdly, its location on International Drive is impossible to beat. I’m very comfortable recommending this condo hotel to our clients.

    Solaris is another project I’m fond of. It’s one of the only pre-construction opportunities in the MetroWest neighborhood, and the pricing is comparable, if not better than some of the wood frame condo conversions that are within a mile of it. With both town houses and condo flats to choose from, it’s something of a local no brainer and should prove a great sucess.

    For more info on both of these projects feel free to call me in the morning – but not till after 10am. Good night!

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