• langford_renderingThe Artist Formerly Known As Prince now has a run for his money. If you’ve purchased a pre-construction deal at Winter Park’s “The Langford”, hopefully you haven’t already had your stationery made up – because the Condominium Formerly Known As The Langford is about to change it’s name to “The Trovillion”, after the developer Doug Trovillion.

    The name change comes in the wake of a cleanup operation that’s still taking place after the six month long legal dispute with former partner Langford Corporation we reported back in 2006 – although Trovillion’s public relations agent denies there’s any connection. Uhuuh. The Paisley Park Records recording artist Formerly Known As Prince is also denying that there is any connection between his moniker and the Condos Formerly Known as The Langford.

    The Trovillion houses 30 luxury condos and is expected to be completed later this year at a cost of some $36 million.

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