• Mother’s Day will be a lot more fun than usual this year. Flowers, cards, a restaurant diner perhaps – followed by a nice slice of 60 Minutes before bed time.

    If you’re a real estate agent, this should probably be followed by a handful of Tylenol and a couple of Lunesta, because the famous TV show will be airing the results of a nine-month investigation into the real estate industry this Sunday, May 13.

    According to Inman News, the television network has been on the snoop, interviewing brokers, agents, discounters and government figures from around the country. At January’s Real Estate Connect conference in New York, a film crew sat in on one of the key debates between Move’s Allan Dalton and Redfin’s Glenn Kelman as they went head to head on the future of the industry.

    Now if I were a betting man (I’ll bet you $100 right now) you can be pretty sure some of the controversial topics to come up will include the current state of the nation’s MLS (abysmal and in a state of imminent collapse) as well as agent commissions. Just a hunch mind you. Enjoy.

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