• Celebration logoI think Imus is rubbing off on me: what I really meant by that headline is that according to the OBJ, the much famed mouse-town is about to get its first active adult community.

    The as yet unnamed development, is the second to be announced since I complained that Orlando condo developers appeared not to be gearing up for the Great Wrinkly Invasion.¬†Avalon Park announced a similar intention just a week ago, but it’s a San Diego company that is now proposing the $85 million, 416 -unit, 14 building apartment complex.

    Now, you need to be 55 or older get in, but there will be no shortage of that demographic, given the fact that Florida will soon be changing it’s nickname from “The Sunshine State” to the “BabyBoomer State.”

    If permitting is approved by Osceola County, construction could start this summer, and the first few units could be housing incoming retirees from the north east by late 2008. So if you’re thinking of retiring down here in Orlando, please note – we’re ready for ya! And (shameless plug) you’ll find the full line up of Orlando condos on our Condo Metropolis home page.)

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