• If you check out the Orlando Sentinel Homes Sections on Sunday (there are now about 142 Homes sections) the only condos you’ll find are the ones that paid to be there. My genius math friends refer to this as a skewed sample, meaning that it is not representative of the whole story.

    Try looking online instead and, well, it’s a mess. Theoretically, you could browse each developer website – assuming you could find them all, but expect to be busy until the second coming of Christ – because it’s no secret that there are now more condo projects in Florida than trailer parks. Even the Realtor’s heads are spinning. And it’s not just the weekly conversions that come and go. Try taking a leisurely stroll around Lake Eola without tripping over the latest condominium skyscraper.

    Enter CondoMetropolis.com, which, if you’re planning to buy an Orlando condo any time soon, should help you maintain your sanity. So toss out that ridiculous new product by Head-On (“Apply Directly to the Forehead”) because CondoMetropolis is here to soothe your brow.

    At Condo Metropolis, we’re doing something brand new: we’re committed to listing every retail condo development in the greater Orlando area – whether they choose to advertise with us or not. This means that finally, there’s a place you can come – and it’s the only place (either online or offline) for the complete Orlando lineup. It sure beats driving around town at three bucks a gallon. And for what? So you can strip the tread off your tires peeling out of the latest MetroWest conversion because even though your agent told you they were concrete construction, it turns out they’re nothing but wooden hurricane fodder?

    So have at it. Compare, buy, sell and even rent out the latest condo opportunities right here. And let us know what you think.

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    CondoMetropolis.com To Revolutionize Orlando Condominium Market: One-stop condo shopping brings buyers and sellers together under one e-roof.

    Orlando, Fla.  “December 4, 2006” December sees the launch of CondoMetropolis.com LLC, Orlando’s revolutionary online marketplace dedicated exclusively to condominium sales and purchases in Orlando. At a time when the market has become both over-saturated and highly disorganized, the timely website plans to bring together buyers and sellers in a single comprehensive marketplace.

    With legions of condo communities for sale in greater Orlando now, it’s become completely impossible for buyers to understand their choices, said Marcus Burke, founder of CondoMetropolis.com. Even the Realtor’s heads are spinning. But from now on buyers will be able to browse and compare the current condo opportunities without leaving home. The days of having to jump in your car and drive all over town collecting brochures are over. We’ve already done it for you.

    CondoMetropolis.com is the first company in Orlando to attempt to consolidate a badly fragmented segment of the housing market in this unique way. Using its proprietary database to index every for sale condo community in Orlando, the company claims to be able to sort properties based on over 100 different criteria with the click of a mouse. So if what you’re looking for is a condo with a Spanish tile roof; a two car garage (attached) and a game room (with shuffleboard) they can tell you exactly where to go. Even the weekly newspaper advertisements are painstakingly cataloged to track the latest incentives and find out who’s new on the block. There’s no need to even register.

    It shouldn’t take consumers long to figure out that CondoMetropolis.com is the only place they can come, online or offline to get the complete Orlando lineup, said Burke. They’ll never have to worry that they are missing something again.

    Visitors to the site can get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan and even pick up a knowledgeable local agent to help them close the deal all at no charge. FSBO’s, landlords and tenants can also list their properties for free. There’s even a news Blog to keep up with the very latest on the local condo scene.

    So far the feedback has been tremendous, said Burke. No one can understand why this hasn’t been done before.

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